71 Weight Loss Tips

71 weight loss tips - This list has a growing list of weight loss tips.

Not every weight loss tip is good for you. Also to add to that, not every weight loss tip is safe for your health.

In this section we will go over the different weight loss tips that have been proven to work. So you don't have to worry about any bad tips here.

All the different "bad" tips have been filtered out.

An example of a "bad" tip is: "It is a good idea to eat only one time a day to lose weight".

That tip has been around forever. That is also called a crash diet. When you basically starve yourself like that you will lose weight but not the weight that you want.

Once your body burns all the fat that it (your body) thinks is okay to burn it will start using your muscles for energy.

Also after awhile of you starving yourself your body will slow down your metabolism. So once you do lose the weight you wanted and start eating normally again you will gain most and even more weight than you started with back.

That is definitely not worth it. The best way to lose weight is by losing weight gradually and comfortably.

Gradually, meaning a couple pounds a week and comfortably meaning you should never feel like you're starving.

On the following pages you will see the tips and below it and reason to the tip.

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71 Weight Loss Tips

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