Banish Belly Fat Fitness Tips

Banish belly fat fitness tips. Review on weight loss tips continued...


In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you put into your body.

Exercising is a great way to do that.


I made a HUGE mistake of thinking that I could eat whatever I wanted with out any portion limits just because I was exercising.

Take it from me, just because your exercising doesn't mean you can keep eating whatever you want.


Getting enough fiber on a daily basis is very important.


Eating more fiber can help you lose weight and can also give you a more regular uhm... "waste movement".

Fiber from eating veggies and fruits can make you less hungry because it takes you body longer to digest. Which means you aren't hungry all time, meaning less calories.

Avoid Refined Products.

As much as possible try not to eat anything that comes in a box or can that has tons of preservatives.


I stopped eating preserved things and my skin, my mood and of course my weight greatly changed for the best. Our bodies weren't made to eat chemicals.
Harder is Better.

Make things harder for yourself, well not everything. I'm saying instead of looking for the closest parking space at the store just park in the back.


You burn more calories throughout the day and your car is safer against dings and scratches. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Just simple things like that can really help out.

Tell The Whole World.

Telling everyone, even people you've just meet that you're on your way to losing weight will further encourage you to succeed.


By saying it to your friends and family will make you less likely to back out.

You will also give motivation to other people who want to lose weight. You two can help and motivate each other to lose weight.

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Banish Belly Fat Fitness Tips

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