Easy Shrink Belly Fat Tips

Lets Get Right Down With These EASY Shrink Belly Fat Tips...

Don't Use The Word "Diet".

Every time I put myself on a "diet" I always failed because I would end up breaking it and gaining the weight back again.


The reason diets don't work is because your depriving yourself. Once you deprive yourself of something don't you crave for it like crazy?

Have A Cheat Day.

No that doesn't mean cheat on your significant other! Nope, it means one day out the week eat everything and anything that you want.


That way you're not depriving yourself of what you love to eat. Which means your not craving for it because you know you can have that piece of pie on Friday or which ever day you choose.

So eat "good" for the week then for one day, YOU FEAST!

Write It Out.

Write down everything you eat, what you're feeling, write down how much you weighed on day one compared to day, say seven.


Just start writing things down, it will help you track your progress, give you motivation to keep going, and will allow you to make adjustments if need.

Adjustment on the types of food you're eating, supplements, etc.

easy shrink belly fat tips

Drink Water.

Water is one of the most vital things you need to start losing weight.


Drinking water will give you a boost in energy to help you run that extra mile. Which in-turn will help you burn more calories.

Eat More Spicy Food.

Eating spicy food can increase your metabolism.

So next time you cook take it up a notch! Add a little hot chili pepper or some hot sauce, basically anything spicy.


Eating spicy food earlier in the day has been shown to lower appetite.

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Easy Shrink Belly Fat Tips

Shrink Belly Fat

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