Foods That Shrink Belly Fat

This is the List of the Foods That Shrink Belly Fat.

These foods will help burn fat are also good for your overall health and well-being. Most, if not all of these super foods have multiple benefits.

For example, some of these foods will give you...

Better skin, better teeth, eyes, you name it these foods will probably make it stronger or even better...

The List of Foods That Shrink Belly Fat


Almonds are a great source for protein, Omega-3 fats (which are very good for your heart.), and are shown that eating almonds in moderation will help you lose weight.

Believe me on this one, munching on almonds absolutely works.

So pack some almonds for a healthy snack at work. Eating other nuts are also good for you but almonds take the top of the foods that burn fat list!


Once a public enemy, eggs are actually good for your body.

If you still believe in that myth about eggs being "bad", you should really reconsider it. Eggs are packed with protein which helps your body recover and get stronger and bigger from working out.


Berries in general are rich in antioxidants which fight off cancers.

Also, blueberries were shown to help burn belly fat. Until now I love snacking on these because because they're sweet,delicious, and are way better for you than snacking on candy.

Olive Oil

Switching out your regular oil for olive oil can be one of the best choices you can make during you weight loss journey.

Olive oil which is a monounsaturated fat can help you lose weight without really doing anything else. I still suggest though that you keep watching what you eat and how you exercise.


Packed with fiber, beans make you feel fuller longer.

They take along time to get adsorbed into the body so that's why you feel fuller throughout the day. There is of course the draw back off having the.. "Toot, Toot syndrome." yup gas.

Whole Grain Breads

Eating whole grain breads or even pastas are better than eating anything "white" or in other words processed.

Whole grain bread is actually 50% filling than eating white bread because it has a ton of fiber. The reason why fiber is so important is because it absorbs water causing it swell.

That swelling will cause you to feel full and fiber also takes a while to digest. So you stay fuller longer.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a good way to satisfy your hunger.

Peanut butter is made out of peanuts or even other nuts. Remember like almonds different nut have very beneficial weight loss attributes.

Lean Meats

Protein is big when it comes to healthy weight loss. Protein takes longer to metabolize so your body works harder to break it down, which means more calories burned.

Even More Protein

Having a protein shake as a snack can be affective towards burning more calories throughout the day.

Also having protein before and after a intense workout can help your body recover very quickly.

Remember if you're going to take protein supplements you have to workout or do something physical because all that extra protein will make you gain "bad" weight.

Orange Juice

Drinking fresh OJ can is a good appetite suppressant.

Orange Juice is my favorite type of juice so it was no problem for me to drink for of it throughout the day.

Its been shown that people who drank OJ before lunch, ate between 300-431 fewer calories at lunch.

Who knew OJ is one of the foods that burn fat?

Now that you have an idea of the foods that shrink belly fat are. You need the right exercises to get that toned midsection that you've always wanted.

Remember diet and exercise go hand-in-hand when you are trying to shrink belly fat. Without one you can kiss your dream of having a head turning tummy good-bye.

Foods That Shrink Belly Fat

Foods That Shrink Belly Fat

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Shrink Belly Fat


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