Healthy Eating Tips To Shrink Belly Fat

Healthy eating tips to shrink belly fat... Yes you need healthy eating tips to shrink belly fat...

Don't Do Anything Else While You're Eating.

If you're going to eat then just eat. Don't watch T.V. while you eat, don't read while you eat, don't study while you eat. When you eat you eat.


Eating while doing something else distracts you from what you're putting into your mouth. Your brain won't realize that you've eaten four slices of pizza already.

Pack Your Lunch.

When you pack your lunch make you pack extra so you can snack every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism going.


Packing your lunch gives you added control on what you eat for the day. It will also allow you to save money in the long run.

Chew Your Food.

Chew your food like its the only bite of food your ever going to get. What I'm trying to say is don't just shovel your food into your mouth, chew for a second, then shallow like I used to do.


Chewing your food and enjoying it allows you get full faster without actually putting more food into your body.

Always Find Motivation.

Buy a pair of jeans that you've always dreamed of fitting into, or grab that pair of jeans that used to fit you.

Hang those jeans up and always imagine yourself finally fitting into them. You will be so happy once you do :). Keep yourself motivated!


Without motivation you're going to stop aiming for you dream to lose weight.

healthy eating tips to shrink belly fat

Take Weekly Measurements.

Weigh and measure your body once a week. Write it down in your journal or log book.


This way you will see how you did for the week and what you need to do differently the next week.

I keep saying motivation is a big element in weight loss.

Once you start seeing that number on that scale and that measurement around your waist go down, you will keep going no matter what.

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Healthy Eating Tips To Shrink Belly Fat

Shrink Belly Fat

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