Quick Banish Belly Fat Tips

Here's some quick banish belly fat tips.

Watch Your Salt.

You need salt, it's needed for your body to work properly, but having too much can really affect your weight loss progress.


Salt makes you retain water so it'll make it seem like you haven't lost anything, but in reality you have lost some weight.

So cut down on the sodium.

Please Eat Breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast determines how you will eat throughout the day.

quick banish belly fat tips


If you skip it you're most likely going to snack on food that you will regret next time you step on the scale.

If you have a big, healthy breakfast then you're most likely going to stick to your meal plan.

Try To Eat Every 2-3 Hours.

I used to eat almonds and fruit every couple hours. So I was never hungry and my metabolism was on burning mode.


Eating every 2-3 hours will keep your metabolism burning so try snacking on some healthy food every couple of hours.

Aim For 1-2 Lbs. A Week.

Losing 1-2 lbs. a week is a very reasonable goal. It's realistic, it's attainable, and its a healthy weight loss.


Losing more can actually put your body into "starvation mode". Meaning that your body thinks that there's a "shortage" of food so it will keep you from losing more weight.

Don't Skip Meals.

This has the same concept as in the weight loss tip above.


Your body will think there's a "shortage" of food so it will hang on to the fat in your body, just in case the "shortage" gets worst.

So skipping meals actually does the opposite of what we want, which is to lose the unwanted weight

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Quick Banish Belly Fat Tips

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