Rapid Shrink Belly Fat Tips

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Watch your portions.


Having too much of anything is bad for you.

A good measurement that I used was using the 'Handful Method'. If it looked like a handful then that was a good portion. A "handful" of mashed potatoes, almonds, etc.

Chew Gum.

Yup, chewing gum is on the weight loss tips list because it has been shown to burn more calories.


Chewing gum "tricks" your body into thinking that your eating which means it'll start up your metabolism. You shouldn't just chew gum all day though. You should still eat every few hours.


Not sleeping the full 6-8 hours a night isn't going to help you very much on your weight loss goals.

I have to say getting a full nights rest is a very important tip to lose weight.


Sleeping allows your body to recover from your daily exercises. Not letting the body recover will only slow you down from reaching your goals.

rapid shrink belly fat tips

Take Pictures.

At first you will see little to no changes in your body, but after you start noticing your love handles to disappear then you will stop at nothing to reach the finish line.


Say cheese!! Taking pictures of yourself everyday or every time you weigh-in will further motivate you to keep going.

Set Time Frames.

For example, if you started your weight loss journey on Jan. 1. 2010, have your achievement date on Feb. 1. 2010. In that time frame your goal is to say lose 10 lbs.


Setting time frames for yourself will keep you from slacking off.

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Shrinking Belly Fat Tips

Rapid Shrink Belly Fat Tips

Shrink Belly Fat

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