Shrinking Belly Fat Tips

More shrinking belly fat tips.

Try to Avoid too Much Alcohol.

Alcohol, beer have a lot of calories.


If you're working out but is still drinking a case of beer a week then all your efforts at the gym are useless.

Just try to drink alcohol on your one cheat day a week. (If you like drinking this will be one of the hardest free weight loss tips to follow.)

shrinking belly fat tips

Read the Labels.

If you look at the box or can that says it's "Healthy", "Low Fat", or anything like that, don't always believe it's going to help you lose weight.


For example even if the box says its "Low Fat" the label might tell you you it's extremely packed with extra unneeded calories.

Mix Up Your Food.

Don't always eat the same thing every single day.


I've tried eating chicken, brown rice, and veggies everyday for dinner. I got so tired of it that I started eating "bad" again.

So mix it up every now and again. One healthy meal one night, and a new healthy meal the next.

Set Realistic Goals.

Set goals that aren't too over the top.


I used to set extreme goals. I would set my goal weight loss to be 10 lbs. in one week. That goal is both unrealistic and very unsafe.

I used to starve myself, workout for hours, just do very unhealthy things to reach that goal. So just set goals like losing 1-2 lbs. week or eating "good" everyday until your cheat day. It'll be better for you in the long run.

(One of the "top tip" on the weight loss tips list.)

If You're Hungry, Eat.

Don't allow yourself to be hungry.


Even it's only been an hour after your last snack or meal just eat something, it will keep your metabolism running on high.

Snack on nuts, fruits, a half of a sandwich. Just don't go overboard with it.

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Shrinking Belly Fat Tips

Shrink Belly Fat

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