Successful Shrink Belly Fat Stories

Let's start off the Successful Shrink Belly Fat Stories section with Warren's story =)..

Warren V.

Okay well when I was searching for ways to lose weight I came across some very amazing successful shrink belly fat stories.

Just reading and going through their before and after pictures, I couldn't help but to be in awe.

Seeing the amazing final results of those people motivated me, inspired me, and pushed me to stop looking for excuses and start making my dream of being healthy finally come true.

How I Got To Weigh Over 245 Pounds

weight loss stories before and after

I started gaining weight when I was in the 5th grade. That's when I was introduced to video games.

I was eating like a polar bear that was packing on fat trying to get ready to hibernate for the winter.

By the senior year of high school I weighed over 245 lbs.

The Turning Point

By the end of high school, you can imagine how low my self-esteem and how low I felt about myself had gotten.

From elementary school all the way till the end of high school, that's over 7 years of being picked on, tormented, and just being treated like dog doo-doo for lack of a better term.

I was basically the outcast. I was the "Santa Claus" on the playground. I was the fat guy at the restaurants that everyone would stare at. Yeah... That was me.

I had no confidence what-so-ever.

I finally cracked and told myself enough is enough! After going home from the doctor's office. The doctor told me I would develop diabetes and eventually die early if I stayed overweight.

  • I was sick of not being able to go out on dates with girls I liked.

  • I was sick of trying to cover up "fluffiness" with huge baggy clothes.

  • I was sick of being called messed up names because of my weight from random people of the street.

  • I was sick of not being able to fit into the clothes I actually wanted to wear.

  • I was sick of seeing myself look the way I looked in the mirror.

  • I was sick of everything that had to deal with being over weight!

That summer I decided that my dream of being healthy was going to come true, and nothing was going come in-between me and my dream...

How I Got Down To A Healthy 170 Pounds

weight loss success stories

In the beginning of my weight loss journey I researched everything about losing weight..

I mostly came across several sites that only wanted me to join and pay a monthly fee, or several weight loss sites that were filled with useless information.

I read books, I asked other people how to lose weight, I spent hours upon hours in front of the computer looking for answers.

I hit some bumps on the way, I felt like quitting MANY, many times but I made it.

I gave my lifestyle a total makeover.

I Set Goals For Myself

  • Week 1: Lose 1 lb.
  • Week 2: Lose 1 lb. Jog 5 minutes more.
  • Week 3: Lose 2 lbs. Jog 10 minutes more. Drink more water.
  • Week 4: Lose 2 lbs. Jog 15 minutes more. Lift 10 more pounds.

If I didn't meet my goal for that week I'd look back in my journal. My journal was where I wrote everything down from; what I ate, how much sleep I've gotten, etc. and changed the thing that prevented me from reaching my goal for that week. Then I would follow the changes for the following week.

I Was Consistent, That's The Key!

  • No eating what I wanted except for my cheat day.

  • Slept at the same time every night.

  • Workout on my scheduled workout days.

  • Take my supplements everyday.

  • Write down everything I did for that day in my journal.

I Motivated Myself

  • I read pages and pages of other people's successful shrink belly fat stories.

  • I talked to people with their own weight loss stories and experiences.

  • I bought a shirt that I always wanted to wear but couldn't because I was too big. I hung that up in my room a looked at it when I was losing hope.

  • I looked at before and after pictures from the weight loss stories.

  • I kept a positive attitude.

I know you can do it too just keep reading more successful shrink belly fat stories for motivation and keep on it!!

More Successful Shrink Belly Fat Stories...

Successful Shrink Belly Fat Stories

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