The Dangers of Being Overweight

The dangers of being overweight is definitely far from being considered cute.

Forget about that excuse of having a little extra "junk in the trunk" being hot.

Being overweight can lead to a series of unwanted health issues later...

You came here to find why, now here are some facts about the dangers of having a lil' extra somethin' somethin'...


Diabetes is one of the serious problems you can develop from just being overweight. This one scared me a lot because I was very over weight.

Also it runs in my family so I had a greater risk of developing diabetes.

My Dad has diabetes and every night he would have to inject himself with insulin. Just watching his face cringe with pain made me just feel bad. I felt bad because I know he would have to go through that pain every night for the rest of his life. I didn't want to go through that.


Stroke is another big one. Stroke is one of the top five leading causes of death.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease, having excess body fat can lead to heart disease. It's actually the #1 cause of death to American males.


Cancer, you run the risk of developing certain types of cancers more easily.

If you thought having a stroke or injecting yourself with needles every night was bad enough. Try imagining yourself having to go to get chemo essentially for the rest of your life.

Would you want that?


Osteoarthritis can develop from having all that extra pounds.

When we walk or just move around, having added pressure from the extra weight around our body can cause the cartilage in our joints to get worn out faster.

Which means more pain doing simple things like walking later on in life.

Being Overweight is No Fun

Once being obese myself and having all that weight on me was just over all a huge drag on my whole body...

No joke! I would lose my breath walking up 1 flight, a total of 10 steps to get to class when I was in high school.

To top it all off I would actually break out in a sweat. It was so embarrassing sweating like I just finished a 12k run just from walking to English class. The dangers of being overweight goes on and, and on, and on...

Is having a lil' extra somethin' somethin' still hot now?

I personally think the dangers of being overweight is uhm, not..

Getting on the right track to shrinking that belly fat involves several things.. motivation, useful information, a fat burning workout plan, and of course a healthy diet plan. Without those your flat tummy goals will take forever to accomplish.

The Dangers of Being Overweight

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