The Fat Burning Furnace Review

The Fat Burning Furnace Review By Real Reviewer, Bhatia P.

the fat burning furnace real review

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My Review

Any doctor who is worth his grain in salt will tell you plain and simple that diets don't work.

Well you may feel shocked and surprised to hear this, but at some point in our life it is necessary to face the truth. There are many diet programs that have swept the world making high claims about weight loss, but despite of that, the obesity graph has shown no inclination to start its descend.

Besides, there are drugs, pills and other expensive ways too, meant to help you attain your weight loss goals, and they may be appropriate also in specific cases; however, by and large they are not necessary. On the other hand, some of these can actually pose serious threat to your health.

How about a weight loss program developed by a former overweight himself, who had tried several diet programs and other costly products available just to fail?

Yes, we are talking about Rob Poulos. He was a regular overweight guy who failed to lose weight with all hot weight loss methods available. Frustrated, he decided to create his own fat loss plan, and this is how the fat burning furnace program was born.

The Fat Burning Furnace is an ebook priced at $39.97 and includes several free tools & other useful bonuses. In case you are not satisfied with the program, you can claim all your money back within 60 days.

The Negative Side

This program, in essence, is an exercise program. The book does include a detail on theory of nutrition; however, the author did not spend much time elaborately describing on what to eat and what not to. However, that doesn’t mean that this aspect has been completely ignored, but they have not been dealt in much depth.

Special Benefits of The Program

The first plus point of using the Fat Burning Furnace program is that it has been created by a person who had experienced the problem with overweight firsthand and who failed to lose weight repeatedly.

He realised the ineffectiveness of prevalent weight loss programs and decided to create his own weight loss program. The weight loss program that Rob Poulos promotes in Fat Burning Furnace is all about burning fat, gaining lean muscle and improving your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate).

The workouts given in the book cater to all levels of fitness and have strong scientific credentials.

It is well known that by adding a little more muscle you get rid of fat and this, in turn, results in increase in metabolic rate. The science behind this fact is that muscle tissue tends to eat up more calories than do the fat tissue.

One other big benefit of The Fat Burning Furnace program is that it promotes short but effective workouts. You would only need to spend twenty minutes a day, 3 times a week and executing 1 set of each exercise; however, it should be done very slowly as this is known to maximize the resistance.

The author claims that sharp, short, strength training sets give you more result in terms of cardio workout than does an hour of treadmill training.

The book includes a lot of pictures to make it easy for you to understand everything and some versions include a video too.

My Conclusion

The book contains impressive detail about the effects exercise and nutrition has on your body. The author is against the fad diets, and has laid several dieting myths to rest in the book.

If you have damaged your metabolism by sticking to yo-yo dieting for years, this program is going to be an excellent choice. However, if it is long and extensive cardio sessions that you expect from the book, you would be disappointed.

This book is a sure winner otherwise, and in any case there is nothing to lose as the book comes with a no-question 100% money back guarantee. In conclusion, the program is worth giving it a try, even highly recommended.

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The Fat Burning Furnace

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