Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review By Real Reviewer, Bill P.

xtreme fat loss diet review

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My Review

Let's start of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review - The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program has been developed by Joel Marion, a fitness expert. It is a program that claims to help you lose around 25 lbs in just 25 days.

That means you lose 1 pound each day on an average. Doesn’t sound realistic, isn’t it? This particular diet program is really extreme, as the name itself suggest. It is surely not for everyone and definitely not for people who have some physical problems.

Let us look into the diet program in detail as is given by Joel in his book Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

The Program

The program consists of five different cycles that repeat themselves in rotation during the 25 days period.

There is a cheat day, where the dieter can indulge in eating his favorite foods even if that means eating as unhealthy foods as fries or a fat ridden burger.

Dieters are required to participate in density training so as to build their lean muscles during the cycle. Then there is a shake day where a dieter would need to stay on nutritional shakes and do strength training to support the lean muscles.

The third one is a fast day, the most difficult day of the cycle, where a dieter has to consume very minimal calories.

This is accompanied by the lactic acid workout. The fourth one is Moderate Carb Day, where a dieter eat equal mix of fats and protein (30 percent) and remaining diet comes from the carbohydrates.

The last one is the Depletion Day and involves eating proteins and engaging in lactic acid workout.


  • The workouts are very diverse and won’t let you get bored with it. However, at the same time they are very challenging. They are very difficult for an average person to follow. You have to be really really prepared to put in a lot of hard work.

  • The program comes with a money back guarantee.

  • The program combines nutrition and workout nicely in the system.

  • Though the program is rigorous, it does include a cheat day, where the dieter can eat as much as he want and whatever he wants. This is in one sense good, but at the same time if you eat too much one day, fasting next day doesn’t become any easy but rather more challenging.


  • The program seems to make way too big promises. Though one can definitely lose some weight, however, not everyone is going to lose 25 lbs in 25 days even after following all the directions given in the program.

  • The author recommends use of supplements to achieve the best results. Now there are two things here: one, that it adds to the cost of the program and second there are reports suggesting that synthetic supplements can actually bring more harm in long run than benefits.

  • The program completely ignores the issue of emotional eating.

  • The exercises mentioned in the program are way too intensive; so people with physical problems or people who do not like rigorous workouts, cannot follow this program.

My Conclusion

To summaries the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review - The program sounds too good to be true and involves too extensive workouts for an average person to follow. However, if you like to try to new innovative methods of losing weight, you may want to go ahead.

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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

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